Hidden down a dark laneway in Northcote you’ll discover one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. From the moment you enter you’ll be transported into a world very few even realise exists.

The Herald Sun describes the experience as “one mind bending trick on top of another” and our guests are absolutely delighted: 

“What a gem! Tim Ellis is a renowned magician and having seen him previously on the big stage, I was intrigued by an ad for his Laneway Theatre. We went along on 14 April with 7 friends and can’t wait to do it again. Recommended for absolutely everybody. This is a perfect mystery night out to surprise people who think they’ve been everywhere/done everything.”

Anne R, Trip Advisor

“Hidden behind an old and apparently haunted shoe factory on a major road in Northcote, The Laneway Theatre is an entirely accessible yet secret little purpose-built venue specifically designed to present magic acts. Entirely comfortable, the 32 seats allegedly liberated from a nearby cinema, also offers every audience member a great view of the proceedings. From your first step inside that puts you into a glow-in-the dark graveyard, to all the objects of magic sitting museum-like on shelves and the walls, the Laneway Theatre is a place of excitement and surprise that will draw you back. Still pictures are encouraged. You’ll need them to believe what you’ve witnessed.”

Michael H, Trip Advisor

“I asked Tim to hire out the theatre for my son’s 21st birthday celebration. He was so obliging with a great price & a fantastic show that involved everyone & had us amazed for 1 hour. Great fun to have 32 people who you know treated to a personal show. Thanks Tim you’re the best!”

1963 OzGirl, Trip Advisor

“I went to see Tim Ellis at The Laneway Theatre last night. Not knowing anything about the magic scene in Melbourne, it was a delight to discover I’d stumbled across the patron saint of magic in this corner of the world. He’d converted the basement of his own house into a fancy little magic theatre. A room filled with fanciful artefacts and wizardry around every corner. And this bloke crushed it with his tender playfulness. He doesn’t carry the bravado some magicians do. Nor the elaborate theatre and magic toys. But what he does have is an absolute love for magic. A child-like wonder for the silliness and wonder that his tricks can bring. A wonderful sense of him just wanting to inject joy into the world. And so I left feeling warm and fuzzy about this man’s life. His way of adding spark to the world. His holding the magic scene of Melbourne with such grace and enthusiasm. I guess I really like the bloke. And I’m glad he’s doing what he loves. It looks good on him. And I’m grateful I got to experience a little snapshot of his talent. “

Josh Kernich